Boro Ladies win on debut

PUBLISHED: 20:29 10 September 2012

Attleborough Town Ladies 2, Dereham Ladies 1

Boro gained a hard-fought win in their first-ever competitive 11-a-side league match.

Boro started well, looking to get forward at every opportunity.

They took the lead through Chrissy Harris, although other chances were created, none were taken, so it was 1-0 at half time.

The visitors came into the game more in the second half, and took full advantage of some poor Boro defending to equalise.

With the heat beginning to take its toll and players starting to flag, Boro again created several chances but could not make them count.

They also had to be wary of Dereham on the counter attack and had a post to be thankful for to keep the score even.

With time running out Boro finally made the most of one of their chances when Lucy Kean ran through to score.

Boro’s player of the match:Lucy Kean.

Next Sunday Boro are away at Freethorpe.

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