Boro net seven goals

PUBLISHED: 12:38 06 December 2011


Thetford Indies Ladies 0, Attleborough Town Ladies 7

Boro returned to league action and travelled to Thetford Indies Ladies.

This turned out to be a somewhat one-sided affair as the home side were two players short.

All credit to them they wanted to play and put up a spirited display.

It took Boro awhile to to use their player advantage, and they wasted several chances before Sherrel Williamson opened the scoring and then added a second for Boro to lead 2-0 at half time.

The second half saw Boro take full advantage of the extra space and knocked the ball around nicely.

Sherrel Williamson completed her hat-trick, before her stike partner Lucy Kean also got in on the act and also got a hat-trick.

Sherrel Williamson added her fourth and Boro’s seventh just before the end. Harriet Butler was named as Boro’s Player of the Match by the opposition.

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