Bungay drop points at lowly Stalham

PUBLISHED: 15:53 17 March 2011

BUNGAY Town Ladies lost more ground at the top of the league by dropping two points in a disappointing 0-0 draw at lowly Stalham Town. Without the influential Leo Daulby and Jo Oakley Bungay found that despite dominating possession creating scoring chances was a bit more difficult.

Michelle Stanborough, up front on her own, went close early on and Annie Piper played a neat one-two with Imo Williams but failed to find the target when through on goal.

In the second half Bungay tried to step things up but were lucky when a Stalham forward hit the bar with a dipping shot, but from then on it was a story of missing the few chances that came Bungays way.

Amber Rowland cut in and had a shot saved with Kate Pasque’s follow-up being cleared off the line and when Michelle Stanborough struck a post with a fierce drive it became clear this was not going to be their day.

Annie Piper kept driving forward and was unlucky after going past four Stalham players only to find the keeper well positioned. Emily Robins kept Bungay in it by covering superbly in the closing minutes to keep Stalham out.

The one positive note was the welcome return of Imogen Williams after two years out injured, who showed flashes of her old self

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