Bungay find Hethersett too tough

PUBLISHED: 08:51 03 March 2011

Bungay Town FC

Bungay Town FC


Bungay Town Ladies lost ground at the top of the table when they came up against Hethersett.

It was a very much stronger and experienced Hethersett team than the one they played earlier this season but Bungay still gave it their all in a 5-1 defeat.

They soon found themselves 2-0 down but fought back when Michelle Stanborough turned in Leo Daulby’s corner other chances were few for both teams but the Hethersett strikers showed how to finish when given the chance.

The whole team worked hard with Lauren Mickleburgh, Leo Daulby and Emily Robins covering midfield and Sian Carter and Annie Piper closing down any gaps at the back and when they did Remi Dowe was back to her confident self in goal, but late injuries to Sian and Leo and Lauren Purling cost Bungay dear with two late Hethersett goals.

A shame to come up against a team with Hethersett’s playing strength when thing were going so well in the Norfolk League but with a run of lower-placed teams to play, maybe all is not lost.

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