Bungay look to expand number of teams

PUBLISHED: 19:17 22 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:18 22 June 2012


Bungay Town FC are looking to expand the number of ladies’ and girls’ teams they run for next season, due to the interest and the numbers of girls looking to play football down at their Maltings ground, Ditchingham.

They currently run a Ladies’ team and U13 side but now have more players training regularly on a Wednesday evening and will be running new teams for U12s and U16s next season.

The club is also looking for more young girls who might be interested in playing from current school years 3 to 11 as they want to increase the number of teams they have from the current number.

The club is currently discussing with local high schools coach/training evenings and if any girls have not yet heard about this give Mark Whiting a ring on 07746791900 who will provide more details.

The Ladies’ team (over 16s) would also welcome new players on Wednesday evenings at The Maltings when they will now be playing futsal on the training area, before full training starts again under Cedric Anselin who will again will be coaching the Ladies’ team next season. Contact Graham Purling on 07778358464 for details.

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