Bungay’s hard work unrewarded

PUBLISHED: 15:20 19 January 2012

Bungay Town Ladies lost 5-2 to highly placed Haverhill Rovers on Sunday.

It was a match which showed that a game of football is all about taking your chances, as a much improved Bungay performance went unrewarded.

Haverhill started strongly and soon went into a 2 goal lead as first a speculative lob from outside the area gave Remy Dowe no chance and when their speedy winger was allowed to run past the Bungay defence to cross for the rushing forward to turn home it looked like being a tough game for Bungay.

But as soon as they began to get tighter to Haverhill and not allow them room to play things turned around as they brought the game level as two through-balls from Lauren Purling to the fast breaks of Michelle Stanborough brought their reward.

However, just as looked as if the teams would go to half time level, the tall Haverhill centre back was allow too much space from a corner to run in and head home.

From the restart it was a story of Bungay efforts being unrewarded as chances came and not taken but in contrast the Haverhill forwards showed no such charity as a shot from 25 yards sailed over Remi and in off the underside of the bar and to finish things off a forward muscled her way through the Bungay defence to shoot low into the far corner to give the game a rather unjust score.

However if Bungay came maintain this level of work results will come.

POM: Emily Robbins for her covering and work in defence.

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