Caister look to set up a ladies’ team

PUBLISHED: 23:16 10 October 2012

Caister Football Club are looking to expand their already impressive ranks.

The club are looking to start up and establish a Ladies’ football team for next season.

They have four adult sides already representing the club in the Anglian Combination, GYDFL and Sunday Veterans’ League.

If you are an existing side or looking to start a new team, Caister FC could be the place to kick-start a new beginning.

The Ladies’ team will benefit from being part of an FA Charter Standard Club via joint fundraising, an experienced committee with good local contacts, great infrastructure, access to qualified coaches, facilities and a superb social aspect including events.

If you are interested in starting this side off with the support of the club or you are over 16 and wish to put yourself forward for the team please contact the club on 07947 635 247 or visit the website

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