Dennis hits winner for Gorleston

PUBLISHED: 10:22 26 January 2012

Gorleston Rangers Ladies played against Red Rose Ladies in absolutely terrible windy conditions which made it really difficult for both teams.

After the first game finished 0-0 Gorleston had a few players out but with new arrivals Kim and Elisha the team battled well and it was a very even game until just before half time Sasha Dent delivered another sweet corner and it went straight in to give Gorleston a 1-0 lead at half time.

With a couple of injuries things were changed around and Red Rose Scored a very good equaliser with 15 minutes left but Gorleston kept working hard and with a 25-yarder Lauren Dennis fired home for an all-important winner and a well deserved player of match went to Cyan.

It is a tough game this week for Gorleston and they will need to be at their best against Mulbarton Belles.

Gorleston urgently need a sponsor. Anyone who can help should contact Steve on 07403395065 urgently.

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