Depleted Waveney battle against Bury

PUBLISHED: 18:37 12 April 2013 | UPDATED: 18:42 12 April 2013


Bury Town Ladies 3, Waveney Wanderers 0

Waveney played the match with a very young side, missing 9 players.

A very solid defense with C Riggall, Z Batty, S Crane and F Levett in her debut allowed Bury only very few chances.

K Hodgson as a stand in goalkeeper impressed and was faultless throughout the match.

After a corner 30 minutes into the match Bury nevertheless took the lead and doubled it 5 minutes later.

In the second half the reshaped Waveney side gained more confidence and was an even opponent.

The midfielders K Harris, L Muffett, E Bennett and S Eastwood showed a lot of quality and chances developed for L Teicher and A Cheverton. Nevertheless Bury wrapped up the match with a well-taken goal in the 87th minute.

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