Hellesdon Belles seek new coach

PUBLISHED: 12:58 03 July 2013 | UPDATED: 13:02 03 July 2013

Hellesdon Belles women’s football club, who play in the Norfolk Sevens League, are looking for a new coach.

The club are self-funding so may be able to cover travel expenses.

The club ethos is as much about the taking part as winning matches.

They are a mixed ability, mixed age-range club who have been doing well in the league and cup (coming runners up in both).

They all share a desire to develop their skills and fitness whilst enjoying the social aspects of being part of a club - ensuring they always have a social gathering after training and matches.

Hellesdon Belles are part of the Hellesdon Youth Football Club based at Anglian Windows Social Club, Holt Rd, Hellesdon.

They are an FA Charter Standard Club with the benefits such as assistance with coaching qualifications, courses etc.

The club currently train on a Wednesday evening although they are in the process of finalising their training venue for the new season.

Home matches are played at Anglian Windows Social Club. Matches are played on Sundays and tend to start at noon but there is flexibility on this.

The teams in the league are predominantly Norwich based so there is not much requirement to travel.

In addition the club for a number of years have attended a summer tournament in Clacton-on-Sea as their season finale. This is usually around the second weekend in June and traditionally the club has covered the accommodation costs for the manager/coach.

Anyone interested in this opportunity should email Naomi Keetley on naomi.keetley@tso.co.uk

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