Heslin hat-trick helps Belles hit rivals for six

PUBLISHED: 12:14 18 March 2013 | UPDATED: 12:14 18 March 2013

Heather Heslin, who netted a hat-trick for Belles.

Heather Heslin, who netted a hat-trick for Belles.


NCBC 0, Hellesdon Belles 6

The Belles travelled the short distance to NCBC and wowed the spectators with a fantastic team performance.

Keri opened the scoring with a fine header and Heather soon followed with another great header from Kim’s perfect throw as the Belles totally dominated the first half.

Oli, Keri and Nims all had goal-bound efforts cleared off the line as the keeper pulled off one amazing save after another to keep NCBC still in it.

The Belles continued the onslaught in the second half as Nims scored a screamer before Heather added her second and then her third from Vicky’s pin-point corner. Keri scored her second to complete the 6-0 scoreline.

Player of the match: Heather Heslin.

An outstanding team performance by JB, Rae, Kim, Viv, Heather, Nims, Keri, Oli and Vicky.

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