Hethersett back in the title race

PUBLISHED: 14:55 28 April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:55 28 April 2013


Hethersett Ladies notched two victories in a period of five days to put themselves right back in the race to be champions of the Norfolk League.

They beat Mulbarton 10-1 in a midweek match with Sophie Rock, Hannah Waters and Nina Batchelor all hitting hat-tricks and Ella Stephenson also scoring.

This was followed by a 4-3 victory over Bungay with Rock scoring twice and Waters and Jess Bennett also finding the back of the net. Hethersett are now level on points with leaders UEA but have played a game more.

The crunch could come when the two sides play each other at Hethersett on May 8th.

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