High five for Wymondham Ladies

PUBLISHED: 20:19 10 September 2012 | UPDATED: 20:26 10 September 2012

Wymondham Town Football Club

Wymondham Town Football Club


Wymondham Town Ladies travelled to Hockering for the first game of the season.

With a full-strength squad, the team was keen to start the season on the right foot.

From the first whistle Wymondham took the game to Hockering immediately, forcing some clearances. Sally and Kayleigh both had a few chances.

At the other end Christine and the defence had little to do but when Hockering did break, they quickly smothered any potential goal-scoring opportunities and Christine made some double saves to keep the game level.

The midfield was working hard and clearly wanted the ball a lot more than the opposition which was helping Wymondham dominate the game.

After half time Wymondham came back out and some beautiful passing straight from the training ground resulted in Mary Cann slotting the ball away.

The continued pressure then just became too much for Hockering to handle and Georgie was able to latch on to a through ball before taking a touch and rifling it into the back of the net before Kelly followed suit, this time flicking the ball over the keeper. It ultimately came down to striker Sally to put the final nail in the coffin, adding two goals to the tally to make the final score 5-0.

The game was a fantastic team performance..The result was thoroughly deserved and every player was a part of that, however player of the match went to Kayleigh for an all-round excellent performance.

Wymondham would like to thank the Co-op food store, Market Street for sponsoring Georgie Knight in this game.

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