Howard and Ward net for Stalham

PUBLISHED: 14:54 28 April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:54 28 April 2013

Attleborough Ladies 4, Stalham Town Ladies 2

Stalham Town Ladies were away to Attleborough with an important league game at stake.

Stalham had a slow start to the game but after first ten minutes the midfield managed to break through with Sarah Howard taking a shot at the keeper and putting it in the net.

Not long after Attleborough made a silly mistake giving Stalham a penalty. With nerves high Emma Ward took this opportunity to add another goal to the score sheet.

Unfortunately for Stalham, Attleborough soon came back from this scoring a goal before half time.

After half time Attleborough soon wanted to be back in play and kept fighting for all loose balls and intervening when they could, unfortunately Stalham seemed to be backing off and letting Attleborough play around them.

Attleborough managed to add more to the score sheet leaving it 4-2 at full time. ‘Griffin Automotive’ player of the match went to Amii Bird and Kerri Eke as their performance was great regardless of the final score.

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