Magnificent battling by Belles

PUBLISHED: 08:38 10 January 2012

Hellesdon Belles 0, Costessey 1

Helleson Belles were up against it from the start with only seven players, but an outstanding team effort and a classy save from Cath kept it 0-0 at half time.

Belles knew Costessey would keep playing their passing game and five minutes into the second half there was a double blow as Costessey finally breached the Belles defence and Heather had to come off after pulling a calf muscle.

The Belles were down to six. They battled and chased every ball. Cath produced a series of majestic saves and Rae was denied by an excellent save and both Keri and Vicky had their efforts well saved.

Bel, Viv and Rae defended heroically while Vicky, Heather and Keri ran themselves into the ground.

A superb team performance with Vicky Sherwood winning player of the match.

Final score 1-0 to Costessey.

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