Norwich and Acle set for cup final

PUBLISHED: 18:19 20 April 2013

Norwich City Ladies and Acle Ladies are gearing up to do battle in the Norfolk Women’s Cup final tomorrow.

City Ladies play in the South-East Combination, a higher league than their opponents, but they are not going to be complacent about just having to turn up to retain the trophy.

City manager Emma Fletcher said: “We love this competition and we love competing in it. It’s an opportunity for us to get some silverware and we will want to add this to what has been an incredible season for the club.

“There is no doubt we will be favourites for the cup, but we will not underestimate our opposition and we will treat them with the utmost respect they deserve.”

Kick-off is at 2pm on the 11-a-side grass pitch at the Football Development Centre in Bowthorpe. All spectators are welcome.

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