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PUBLISHED: 15:27 29 November 2012 | UPDATED: 09:45 20 December 2012

Norwich City Ladies have announced a one-year shirt sponsorship deal with ‘Season’s Catering’

Norwich City Ladies have announced a one-year shirt sponsorship deal with ‘Season’s Catering’


Norwich City Ladies are pleased to announce a one-year shirt sponsorship deal with local company ‘Season’s Catering’, which will go towards the running costs of the team.

Helen Southgate, director of the company said: “With the women’s game constantly progressing and gaining a higher profile each year, we see it as a great opportunity and the perfect partnership as NCFC Ladies share our passion of team work, dedication and determination to be the best!”

Pictured is First Team Manager Emma Fletcher, First Team Coach Alex Guy and representing Season’s Catering Helen and her husband Paul Southgate.

Fletcher added: “Having met Helen through her fundraising efforts as part of Team Norwich in last year’s Virgin London Marathon for Community Sports Foundation’s Sporting Light Appeal - I knew she had a passion for Norwich City and that she was very interested in how the Ladies’ team was doing as well.

“We are grateful to sponsors such as Season’s Catering for supporting us.”

The Ladies still have a number of sponsorship packages available, if you would be interested in getting involved please contact Emma Fletcher on

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