Odd-goal defeat for Bungay

PUBLISHED: 12:11 13 December 2011 | UPDATED: 12:11 13 December 2011

Bungay Town FC

Bungay Town FC


Bungay Town Ladies once again lost by the odd goal, this time 3-2 away at Ipswich Wanderers.

Defensive frailties from corners were again the major cause of their downfall.

Bungay started brightly with the front two of Imogen Williams and Michelle Stanborough causing Ipswich problems with their pace, and it was no surprise when Leo Daulby put Michelle through to race on to and beat the keeper,

Bungay were grateful to keeper Remy Dowe however as she managed to change direction and push the ball round the post from a deflected shot, but then the self-destruct button was well and truly pushed as twice from right wing corners Bungay failed to clear the ball, allowing Ipswich to score easily each time.

The second half was only a few minutes old when again the same thing happened as a penalty was given away for hand-ball as Bungay scrambled from yet another corner which Ipswich scored, but as the second half continued Bungay began to dominated the game with Lauren Mickleburgh driving them forward from centre midfield.

As they pressed Ipswich more and more further back the only reward they got was from Lauren Purling as she ran through on to a loose ball to guide the ball home at the far post, but major disapointment followed as they thought they had gained a point as Michelle Stanborough score late on only for yet another controversial off-side flag to be raised.

If only Bungay could clear a corner they would now be sitting nicely in mid table. Player of match Imogen Williams.

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