Thorpe hit four past Cambridge

PUBLISHED: 15:29 28 February 2011

Football action

Football action


Thorpe United 4, Cambridge Women Reserves 0

After a quick start Thorpe had a couple of chances which Bex Lake hit the bar after chipping the keeper.

The next opportunity came from a Hannah corner, which no-one from Thorpe attacked. Was that going to be the theme of the day?

Bex had the next chance on goal after chasing down another Hannah pass but her shot was well held by the keeper.

With only a couple of minutes to half-time Hannah delivered the perfect corner for Laura Wiseman to power a header pass the stranded keeper making the score 1-0.

With the away team being down to ten players due to poor discipline, chances kept coming with only bad luck and good goalkeeping keeping score down.

Half time 1-0 to the hosts.

The second half carried on with Thorpe making all the chances. Bex was chasing all causes, lost or not, and was foiled twice by the keeper.

Rebecca Russell scored from 25 yards to ease the pressure with a shot that powered into the top corner – a top-quality goal.

Bex was working hard for the team, she made crosses for Charlotte Groves amongst others without scoring success. But then Bex did get the goal her overall game deserved when she latched onto a Rebecca Russell pass and finished well by chipping the keeper.

The fourth came quickly after with Lauren Kett gliding past the visitors’ rearguard to finish with a shot that left the goalkeeper stranded.

Player of the match: Lauren Kett.

Team: Kirsty Andrews, Maise Cutting, Kim Broom, Laura Wiseman, Lauren Kett, Hannah Bray, Alice Ford, Charlotte Groves, Kerry Rose, Bex Lake, Rebecca Russell. Subs: Lisa Riches, Megan Champion, Mary Costello.

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