Tomlinson gets the ball rolling for Belles

PUBLISHED: 09:00 15 November 2012 | UPDATED: 11:17 15 November 2012

Kim Tomlinson

Kim Tomlinson


Hellesdon Belles 2, Norwich Central Baptist Church 1

The Belles entertained NCBC on a glorious sunny lunchtime and got off to the perfect start when a move between Vicky Sherwood and Cath Heslin resulted in a rebound which Kim Tomlinson slotted home.

The Belles caused NCBC all sorts of problems as they dominated the first half but were denied by some outstanding goalkeeping.

NCBC equalised with the last kick of the first half.

The Belles nearly scored from the second half kick-off when Cath Heslin was denied by the keeper.

Good work by Gail Barnard on the left fed Heslin who cooly slotted home.

Only some more oustanding saves kept the Belles out and a tense last five minutes saw the Belles hold on to win 2-1.

Thanks to Andy for refereeing and to all our supporters.

Player of the match: Kim Tomlinson.

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