Yelverton Reserves 2, Wensum Albion 3

PUBLISHED: 15:32 11 November 2012

Albion were hoping to bounce back with three points at Yelverton after a narrow loss to Homecare last week by the odd goal in eleven.

In boggy conditions both teams found it difficult to put together passing moves, but it was the home team who looked the likeliest to score, putting pressure on the Albion back four with some attacking football. The pressure paid off early in the half when a Yelverton striker found space in the box to fire home.

A number of Yelverton corners were defended well and keeper Matt Cooper made some important saves to keep Albion in the game.

Two moments of quality finishing in ten minutes saw Albion take a 2-1 lead. A long Chard ball into the Yelverton box was controlled first time by winger Jenner who calmly side footed passed the Yelverton keeper to equalise for the away side. Minutes later Gorbould found space in the right hand side of the box and curled a well hit shot in to the top corner of the net.

Albion dominated the last 15 minutes of the first half, playing the ball around with accuracy to take the lead into half-time.

The second half was more of a scrappy affair and Albion struggled to keep the ball at times. Against the run of play Albion took a 3-1 lead when a Seaman cross was headed in by midfielder Martin.

Dogged defending by Albion looked to have sealed a hard earned victory but Yelverton pulled one back with 15 minutes to go and sensed an equaliser may be on the cards. At the other end Littleboy and Leeper went close for Albion who held on to take all three points.

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