Daniel Farke is not wedded to a 4-3-3 shape for the rest of Norwich City’s Premier League quest.

Part of the fallout from a fifth straight top flight loss to Watford centred on his persistence with a different set-up to the one that had proved so effective in landing two Championship titles.

Farke did try a defensive three in a disrupted pre-season, but injuries to experienced centre backs and the relatively late arrival of Ozan Kabak in the transfer window, are factors why he is yet to experiment with league points at stake.

The City chief made it clear on Monday cutting out conceding cheap goals is now a top priority.

“Yes, it's definitely also an option (to play a three). We are flexible and we want to be more flexible during the season,” said Farke, speaking ahead of Liverpool’s League Cup visit on Tuesday. “This was also the reason why we opted to play half of our pre-season games with a three man formation, and within games several times in the past when we are chasing the game we have gone to three at the back.

“When you analyse all the goals we conceded this season there was not one goal we have conceded from being in an underload situation. We have to improve a few topics. First of all is our individual behaviour in the defensive row. Secondly, we have to start our attacks better.

"I have had the feeling sometimes we are too quick to get in high positions and we lose our defensive shape, which allows the opponent too many counter attacks. That is more a mindset and being able to sense this situation developing.

“Also personnel must be a topic. Do we opt for some more experience and defensively orientated players on the pitch? But changing the base formation to naturally have those defensive positions is an option, for sure. It's not like just one button you can press and everything is sorted. There will be many games when we will opt to play with a three man formation.

“But in these early games Christoph Zimmermann, who played in a three during pre-season, was not really available due to injury. Ozan Kabak came pretty late to us until the last game (against Watford). Grant Hanley, no pre-season, so it was not possible to play a three man with him.

"There were a few reasons why so far we haven’t tried it. But if it is going to help defend our goal then I am willing to do it.

“We have done this occasionally in the past when we have been struggling. But we also want to carry that attacking threat and sometimes a defensive three can become a defensive five. It is a pretty complex topic and a pretty tactical topic. But it is definitely an option for the upcoming games.”

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