It’s fair to say the lads were well and truly hammered up at The Etihad and would have expected all the criticism that came their way after the game.

However, some of the things that have been said about Norwich City Football Club after last weekend's defeat left me flabbergasted to say the least, more about that in a little while!

The lads let themselves down last weekend, but at the minute they aren’t getting the rub of the green in their own penalty box.

Look at the Mo Salah heavy touch in the opening game going straight to Diogo Jota to open the scoring. Then I look at the first two goals up at The Etihad, Grant Hanley’s attempted clearance smashing Tim Krul in the chest and then Jack Grealish scoring with his thigh when he’s trying to control the ball - 2-0 and it’s game over.

To be fair to the lads they regrouped after that for the rest of the first half but the second half was a hard watch and after conceding from yet another corner on 64 minutes it was damage limitation. I was fearing the worst by then.

It was a bad day all round but one thing is for sure is last Saturday won't be the last time Man City put five or more goals past a team this season. Let’s see if there’s the same reaction and ridiculous criticism towards those teams from certain pundits and so-called journalists as there has been towards Norwich City.

The Pink Un: Pierre Lees-Melou in action against the Citizens last weekendPierre Lees-Melou in action against the Citizens last weekend (Image: ©Focus Images Limited +44 7813 022858)

Some of the things that have been said by people who work for a certain radio station made me very angry and disappointed. I know one of the journalists that really stuck the boot into the football club at the beginning of the week. I’ve worked with him on quite a few occasions and I get on well with him. He’s a good bloke, but next time I bump into him you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be telling him exactly what I thought of his comments.

So, Norwich, a team that won The Championship at a canter, finished six points ahead of Watford, a whole 10 in front of the media darlings Brentford, and amassed an incredible 97 points, don’t deserve to be in the Premier League. The club is cheating its supporters!

Sad thing is these people don’t do any homework or research before they spout their mouths off. If they made a little bit of effort into the club’s recent history, they might not be so opinionated and damming of Norwich City.

They wouldn’t have to look too far back to see that the club was in a financial mess. It was on its backside until Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke came in and now it's a thriving football club that won’t mortgage or risk its future on spending money it hasn’t got, unlike many other clubs who did exactly that are and now fighting for their very existence in the lower leagues.

Norwich have spent more this transfer window than they’ve ever done in their history, but the so-called experts had no idea of this summer’s expenditure and carried on spouting their mouths off.

At the end of the day the club could have spent an additional £50m but there would be no guarantee that they would survive in the Premier League.

Noise from the outside is exactly that noise and as hard as it is we really shouldn’t take too much notice of it and get wound up by it. Their opinions don’t really matter anyway, they don’t know Norwich City. City fans know exactly where they’ve been, where they’re at and where they want to be in the future and the majority accept there will be a few hiccups on the journey.