Norwich five-a-side team AFC Birds have won the annual Fair Play award at the Goals Soccer Centre in Norwich off Hall Road.

The FA accredited Goals Soccer Centre, which has 43 sites across the UK including the centre in Norwich have introduced a Fair Play League to reward and recognise good behaviour. The Fair Play award which runs over an eight week period acknowledges teams that have displayed elements of good behaviour for things such as: timekeeping, respect towards match officials and staff as well as respecting other teams.

Goals Norwich Centre manager James Lalonde said: “AFC Birds are a team of teachers and former referees who are setting an example to all teams at Goals with their attitude towards the game. Every game they are commended by the referees for their fair play to the opposition and their respect to the officials. It is often said that referees make the worst players, but this team are proving the exception to the rule.

“They are led by their captain, and former Goals referee, Kit Circuit, who ensures that every time his team are here they are in full kit and appropriate attire. Kit is so keen on his team being role models for others to follow, that he dropped one of his side for raising his voice at a referee. This action and the consistent respect that they show to the match officials has earned this team of former referees the title of the fairest team at Goals Norwich”.