It is this time of the year, with the halfway mark fast approaching, you start to look back and see how well the season is going. Unlike a few people that seem to call Canary Call most weeks complaining, I feel if we can work out the mistakes we seem to make each week then this season could be the season of dreams and who knows with a few extra faces we might find ourselves talking more about Europe than going down.

With many clubs thinking it is money that talks and that’s what will win you games it is easy to say it helps but by no means is that the secret that will bring you success just look at them boys down the road and what has happened to them and us since they were bankrolled

Confidence and belief are the building blocks of success or that’s the feeling I got from subjects that were discussed in two recent INCSC fans forums with Fleming and Huckerby. Both former players said how hard it is to play when things are not going your way, you seem to lack the belief you can win games and with the fans on your back things just end up in that downward spiral.

When things start to go wrong, four draws are classed as four games without a win, under Lambert the same games, you would say we have played four without a loss and that feeling seems to feed down through the club to players and the supporters alike and that has shown over the last few seasons with sell out crowds and some great results on the field

Lambert has given our players the belief not only have they earned the right to play at this level but they can compete with the best in this league and even give the opposition a tough time and with luck on your side take all three points in the process.

So as Lambert would say “great start but it is only the start of the job” there is still plenty to look forward to if we keep the belief we can fight the fight.