I love a good statistic – and I worked one out relating to City which has put me in a very cheery pre-Christmas mood.

The barnstorming victory over Newcastle on Saturday was Norwich’s fifth win of this very encouraging first season back in the big time.

As I basked in the glory of beating one of the top six clubs, I pondered when we got our fifth win of the last Premier League campaign back in 2005.

A quick flick through the history book revealed – with a huge coincidence – that it was also against Newcastle...and rather than being on December 10, it was on April 20.

That amazed me and reinforced how well we are doing.

Slightly randomly I started singing “On the fifth day of Christmas, Norwich gave to me, five golden wins…”

It got me thinking about doing the whole song with Norwich-related gifts and I’ve made a start and am setting a bit of a holiday season challenge to get the set completed.

So while you are eating yet another mince pie or trying to avoid a re-run of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, get your creative juices flowing and let’s do it.

Drop me an email and hopefully by my next offering in two weeks we will be there!


With help from several fellow City fans (especially Tim Johnston, Rob Calver, Brett Gates and Tony Jarrett), I have come up with a tongue-in-cheek Canaries festive songs play list. So here goes and Happy Christmas!

We Wish Iw-an A Merry Christmas

Ding Dong Bellamy On High

Fleck the Halls

While (Tim) Shepherd Watched His Flecks By Night

Have Youssef a Merry Little Christmas

Moroccan Around The Christmas Tree

We Wish You A Merry Chris Woods

Good King Wesley Once Look Out

On The First Day of Christmas Delia Gave To Us - One Huckerby..

O Hool-y Night

Foxy The Snowman

Santa Claus Is Thrashing The Town (5-1 and 4-1)

Walking In The Aar-on (Wilbraham)

The Oli And The Ivy

• Hero of the week: There are lots of contenders this week and Holty rightly got man of the match for his brace. But I’m giving my hero gong to Marc Tierney. Yet again he had a solid game and yet again he played the whole game – which means he has now been on the pitch for every minute of the season so far. I haven’t been through the stats for every club in the league but I suspect very few others have the 100 per cent record.

• Villain of the week: If we hadn’t won on Saturday, it’d have been the linesman who missed that blatant penalty. As he is off the hook, I’m picking whoever is in charge of European club competitions. It is bonkers the Champions League now has sides in it who came as low as fourth in their division – and then those who get knocked out after the group stage join the Europa League and take on teams who have been battling since July. Bring back the European Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup and Uefa Cup.

• Highlight of the week: I wonder when City last scored three headers – and a fourth resulting from a header – in one game? It must be a long time ago. Anyway, in my own football career – which was far from illustrious – the one thing I could do reasonably well was head the ball and I actually scored more with that weapon than my feet! So to see the fine art shown off by Messrs Holt, Morrison and Crofts was superb.

• Funniest moment of the week: OK, so I have criticised the European football farce in the villain section, but it gives me my comic moment too. I know we shouldn’t laugh at taunts that spark off tunnel bust ups, and I’m no great fan of Ashley Cole – but I had to snigger when I heard what he had said to Roberto Mancini after Chelsea beat Manchester City on Monday: “Have some of that – and Thursday night Channel Five!”

Prediction of the week: 25 is a nice round number – and very apt at this time of the year, and I’m sure we all can’t wait until December 25. So apart from predicting we will all eat too much and will have all spent too much this Christmas, I’m saying that we will have 25 points at midnight on December 31. That means getting six points from the next four games. Not easy, I know - but possible. A win and three draws or two wins and two defeats? I’d have a little new year drink to that.