Ninety six minutes of football (yes, of course there should have been more than four minutes of added on time in the second half) and there are so many talking points from Sunday.

Canary Call, the bar room banter and the chat rooms have covered most of them in depth.

With the national media now interested in us as we are in the top flight, the analysis of every game and every incident has become so much greater.

I’ll give my whistle stop verdict on the main ones.

Yes, our defence looked shaky at times on Sunday and Lee Dixon – a man I would always respect for his views on stopping the opposition scoring – was dead right when he said we have to tighten up or face the wrath of more clinical front lines.

No, of course West Brom shouldn’t have had that penalty and Reid should be ashamed of himself for going down easier than a small sandcastle when the tide comes in at Cromer.

Yes, as has been proved, we were robbed of our own spot kick.

OK, they are the obvious ones.But the main debate which now seems to be hotting up among City fans is centring around who should be the first choice XI if everyone is fit.

And alongside that is whether Paul Lambert should play “horse for courses” football depending on the opposition and whether we are at home or on the road.

A 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 or 5-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 or any other formation you care to come up with?

Is the diamond a City manager’s best friend?

Is Wes Hoolahan such a gifted player that he has to be in the side? For me, he has been the real gem of City quality on show so far.

Two polarised camps seem to be emerging among supporters.

In the green corner are those who believe PL should stick to the 11 who he feels are the cream of his crop on any day of the week

‘Consistency is a great thing’, they cry.

Over in the yellow corner are those who argue that you simply have to chop and change. Every game is different and the line up has to match the challenge.

So far this season in the four league games, PL has started with 18 different players.

OK, there have been some enforced changes due to injuries and suspensions, but he clearly has nailed his colours to the mix and match mast.

He has worked wonders in the last couple of years and the number of tactical errors he has made would take very few fingers to count.

I don’t think PL has done too much wrong this year so far and our main downfalls have come from slip ups and bad luck (and yes, some poor refereeing).

If anyone thought life in the Promised Land was going to be easy, they have now surely woken up and smelt the coffee.

The gulf between the Premier League and Championship is bigger than I thought it would be.

Chances in front of goal are precious – and errors get ruthlessly punished.

But let’s stay positive.

I agree with Craig Fleming – who was another excellent sidekick to BBC Radio Norfolk’s Chris Goreham on Sunday – that we will be OK.

We are 17th in the table and I defy anyone not to accept that at 5pm on Sunday, May 13, 2012.

• Hero of the week: I’m leaving the football field for my hero this week and going on to the cricket ground. Colonel David Richmond was shot while on active service and has serious leg injuries – but still batted in a Help For Heroes game I played in on Saturday. What a man – and he put to shame the pansy footballers who fall down after the slightest tackle.

• Villain of the week: Lots of options. Mark Halsey, Gabriel Tamas and Steven Reid are all obvious ones. But this week’s gong goes to Sepp Blatter. If he would only accept the argument that more video technology would help officials and not undermine them, then football would be better for it. Simple referrals would have meant West Bromwich Albion’s penalty was ruled out and Tamas would have been sent off, and we could have had a chance to level late on.

• Highlight of the week: After many years when it seemed a Norwich City goalkeeper was incapable of stopping a spot kick, I was thrilled to see Declan Rudd pull off such a great save on Sunday. On the current form of giving away a pen every game and stopping every other one, we will concede 38 this season and save 19. I guess we haven’t even bothered picking a penalty taker as there seems no chance of getting one.

• Funniest moment of the week: A young City fan made me laugh as he pulled a hilarious face as West Brom were about to take their penalty on Sunday. It was captured by the cameras and shown at the end of Match Of The Day 2. Worth seeing on iPlayer!

• Prediction of the week: City players will be kicked, pulled, pushed and shoved in and outside the box and the ref will wave play on. A Bolton striker gets the slightest touch and the man in black points to the spot and reaches for red.