There are many articles doing the rounds at present about our fortunes on the pitch and many written by scribes far more knowledgeable on the game than I am.

Suffice to say that the football being played at present and the rewards that are within our grasp means for an exciting few weeks ahead.

I would like to refer more to the legions of fans that for whatever reason cannot make our games.

Many would have you believe that if you cannot visit Carrow Road for every game, or travel to every away match then you are not a fan. If you can’t recite the managers names from The Nest onwards or name who scored what goal in the game against ****** in 1964 then you are not a fan.

There are many reasons why those assumptions are wrong. All praise to those who can, but to me the main criteria are, is Norwich the first result you look for on a Saturday, is your day brighter after a win, or sadder after a loss. Does your heart skip a beat at the thought of Premier League football involving the Canaries once more?

Many people not only across Norfolk but now worldwide count themselves fans and supporters but have to rely on the radio (thanks Chris and Neil) or the internet for their weekly “injection” of yellow and green.

Those people should not be made to feel less of a supporter indeed they should be encouraged by all to add their distant voice to the crowd.

They should be helped to get involved and made to feel welcomed into that “brotherhood” that is the Canaries.

That is why NCISA is changing not just its name (however slightly) but also its ethos. We are trying to reach out to ALL supporters and help them “get involved”. To create opportunities for like minded people to get together in places “closer to home” and share in the collective feeling.

To try and aid those, who would like to, but cannot for personal reasons, attend a game and in general to spread the “fan feeling” to as many and as widespread as possible.

Last but not least we wish to aid the club by adding to funds when possible and to give a collective voice to the club on issues that may arise that concern all fans.

To do this we will need help. Help from anyone who feels they would like to share their enthusiasm around. We are holding our first “get together” at the Ramada Hotel on the 13th May (yes a Friday). It will include a free buffet and a chance to join in a fun “does the team think” type session with some local media representatives. (There will be a paying bar) For members this will be another free event.

So join us and come along. (We will need to know numbers to cover the catering so this is a pre-booked event) See our website for more details and how to join at

I look forward to seeing you all and listening to your ideas on how we can spread the Canaries gospel.