The Man admits to having no idea what we’ve got in store from our newly signed boys.

Sam Vokes is a name that’s crossed these ears. In fact, given he’s been passed from pillar to post by Wolves recently, we’ve probably all seen him play a few times without realising it.

The guy’s not scored a lot recently either, but Lambo has got more than enough leeway at the moment for us to trust him.

The way the last two seasons have gone, Vokes will probably end up Chumpionship leading scorer by May.

As for our new Juan Velasco (hoping not), Dani Pacheco is either going to leave the opposition on their backsides over the next eight games, or get smashed into row Z along with that Mitre football.

This is all some way from when Peter Crouch and Darren Huckerby turned up a few years back. Two players who had proven class, had a few games to their name and were always going to deliver.

But that’s fine. We don’t need a new talisman. We don’t need players to shake us up. What we do need is what we’ve got. Two guys to give us that hand Lambo loves going on about.

They say you should never bring someone in for the sake of it.

But The Man disagrees. Unless you’re bringing in someone you know is a useless chump, a fresh face keeps those pesky fans happy and gives those players threatening to take their foot off the pedal a poke in the back.

This group of players has the chance to go down in Canary history. Arguably as successful a period as the club has ever known. And they need the odd poke to finish the job.

Going without the poke would have been more of an issue than where the poke comes from.

• Zak Whitbread never got the chance to play Messi then. Good job too – the last thing we need is another missing centre-half.

It still left a bit of a 90-minute wince when Croftsy turned out for Wales against our glorious heroic superstars, England.

Rooney tried to land one on him – but that didn’t stop our man, who still found time to land one on John Terry in return.

Maybe he had unfinished business with him after his spell with “JT” as his room-mate?

Whatever, it was well worth a cheer. Most England fans probably joined in too.

• Welcome back Nelse on Saturday with Scunny. Now there’s a chap who deserves a good old clap.

Something along the lines of an own goal or defensive howler would be good too Mickey. Or just a penalty. There’s a good lad.