History was kind to us on Saturday. We need it again this weekend, flying in the face of a Rovers repeat… The Man feels a rallying cry coming on.

We’re all fickle. This one here more than most. Watching City come away with a draw against 14 players who didn’t want to play wasn’t pretty.

This weekend, we have to play a glorified ferry company. They’ve not won since December, turning over a shocking I****** at home 13 games ago.

Phil Browny-orange hasn’t even guided them to a win yet and there are a host of ex-City players waiting to get one over their old club.

So The Man says this: We will not let it happen. We will not grumble after dominating for the opening 25 minutes but going in goalless at the break.

We will not cheer when Simeon Jackson gets substituted on 65 minutes for working hard but missing a sitter from six yards.

But we do everything our end to make sure we turn the screw on the teams around us. Cardiff and Forest are both capable of bottling it.

Even Colin down QPR way could still do that.

But we won’t. We know what it takes to win a championship. We did it last year. This season? We only need to finish second. OTBC…

• Once again, thank you Barnsley. And Mark Robins. Although someone should have told you how it works.

Poor Robbo was complaining about his side being awful, not turning up, second best. Don’t beat yourself up.

If Barnsley were as bad against the other 22 Chumpionship teams as they are against us twice a year, you wouldn’t be in the Chumpionship.

One other quick Oakwell aside. Holty was caked in mud after about eight minutes. Foxy looked like he’d just stepped out of the laundry. You hope he is mercilessly mocked for such cleanliness at Colney.

• The Man doubts there’s been a better value signing than Croftsy this season. The guy has been top dollar since he arrived – not only that, but he scores cracking goals… or, at least, other people’s cracking goals.

Quite how he managed to recreate Fashanu’s epic strike, days after Fash was remembered at Carrow Road, is something special.

Croftsy’s a star and deserves to show the overpaid tripe in the top flight what he’s got next season. With us, obviously.

• Funny how Robbie Blake couldn’t help himself. Speculation out of Carra Rud is thin on the ground these days, but not thin enough for him to avoid making it clear he didn’t want to pull on a yellow shirt.

It’s probably because he remembers how well liked he is in these parts. Or he did it to spite us.

The Man concedes if he did for us what he tends to do against us, it would probably have worked out a decent move. Instead, we can all carry on as normal, safe in the knowledge he’s still an idiot.