NCISA has received many emails complaining about the price increase of season tickets.

The way in which the 60 to 65 year old age group have been treated has been stated as has the treatment people sitting in the lounge areas of the ground.

What has not been talked about is the hidden increases to us all.

I personally sit in The Lower Barclay and have been hit with not only the “small” price increase but many hidden extras.

1. Direct Debit �5 charge: This year, if you missed the small print you will be charged �5 for paying by Direct Debit!

2. VAT increase: Why were people that pay by Direct Debit not allowed to take advantage of the pre-VAT increase? if you read or hear Martin Lewis (the money saving expert) and not the club I should have been allowed to have the lower price, as it is when you are invoiced not when you pay that the VAT rate is set and as VAT man, not the club, is taking the extra 2.5 percent I do not see why this could not have been offered to all.

3. Canary Account discount: Unless you sit in the Norwich & Peterborough stand you will no longer receive this discount! Ok, so these may only be small amounts but every price increase I am hit with makes me have to rethink.

I wonder how many more increases it will be before I too, am priced out of watching the team I have supported for most of my life.

I also wonder with the planned ground capacity increase to 35,000 in years to come will it sell out for a game of football or will we have to wait for the sell-out signs to come out only when we have a concert in the summer?

I was shocked and saddened to see someone throw a lighter on to the pitch last Saturday, striking the assistant referee, with the clear intent of injuring Ian Harte.

The same player that cheated his way to getting Grant Holt sent off in the away fixture.

Ok, at first I was joking to the people I was with, saying “his aim is about as good as some of our players today.”

However, underneath the match camaraderie, what I did feel was that under no circumstances should this be allowed to happen. With the FA making examples of clubs and possible sanctions they could deal out what could it cost our club and its supporters?

Could we end up with?

1. A fine?

2. Supporter’s numbers reduced in parts of the ground?

3. Points being taken away?

I appeal to you. If you see anything like this again report them! Have them banned, after all; are these the types of supporter that any true football fan wants to be associated with?