Being the minute secretary of NCISA is certainly not the most onerous task undertaken by a committee member.

Mind you, some say that it does mean that it ensures that at least one person is listening to what everyone is saying.

At times it can be, let me say, interesting if two or three try to give their opinion of an issue at the same time! What is healthy as in any responsible organisation, is that differing views are considered and as a committee a way forward is sought and acted upon.

Sometimes this does take time. Looking through past minutes the major change in direction for NCISA has been developed over a period of some two years and is still ongoing.

The new NCISA website at gives an indication of the progress made so far. You will find free prizes for members, the Canary Challenge, other competitions and raffles for all Canary fans, additional benefits for members when going to away matches, communication with the club and reporting back on matters concerning fans and Aunty Marge, bless her, is always ready to offer her advice on dealing with problems.

At a personal level I am delighted that NCISA will be organising a question and answer fans forum with guests Kevin Drinkell and Ken Brown on Friday 26th November at 7.30pm. This will be at No. 10 Bowling Centre, Bowthorpe. It is a opportunity to chat about the club’s history.

Kevin’s 22 league goals in his first season with the Canaries helped to take us back into the top flight. In all he played 150 games for City and scored 57 goals. He was one of those players who I always enjoyed watching and having on our side.

As for Ken Brown my lasting memory is of him proudly leading out City on the Wembley turf with a wonderful beaming smile which seemed to say to team and supporters alike, relax and enjoy the occasion. We did.

Past football achievements and memories are there to be enjoyed.

In contrast, future achievements will require a willingness to continue to embrace change at club and fan level. Each will need to recognise the contribution of the other.

As a NCISA committee member I believe that this is a worthwhile objective and will help Norwich City to a better sustainable future.