King's Lynn's hometown keeper Danny Gay has pleaded for common sense to prevail amongst the power brokers to help rescue the ailing Unibond Premier Division club.

King's Lynn's hometown keeper Danny Gay has pleaded for common sense to prevail amongst the power brokers to help rescue the ailing Unibond Premier Division club.

Chairman Ken Bobbins held fresh talks yesterday with the council while former finance director Dave Handley is now in advanced discussions with a locally-based consortium.

Handley has ruled out any deal with the current board but Gay insists staving off the High Court winding up order is all that matters.

"In four or five days time there won't be a King's Lynn and all this petty squabbling and immaturity will achieve nothing," he said. "Whether it's the current board or a new consortium or the council or the fans, whoever, all that matters is saving the town's football club.

"Whether it's me, the manager, the chairman, fans even, we will all come and go at one point or another but the football club should still be here. People need to start acting like adults rather than children. Adam Sinclair always tells us, 'there is no I in team' and he's right."

Gay warned talk of re-forming a new club lower down the pecking order is misguided.

"I keep reading people say let it go to the wall and start again," he said. "Let me tell you, if this club does go to the wall it will never be the same again. If anyone thinks they are going to get 600 or 700 along to watch Ridgeons level football they have another thing coming. Anyone who thinks that is the way forward for the club is very narrow minded.

"I'm not sure launching an AFC King's Lynn in the Ridgeons will work on a football level or a club level. What sort of calibre of player could they attract? The fans now are watching a side who want to try their hardest and are not there for money. No disrespect to the Ridgeons but the best players are attracted to the clubs who are the best payers. For myself, the manager and the lads here I don't honestly see us wanting to drop down to that level."

Gay knows clearing a �67,000 tax bill is only the first hurdle in stabilising a club weighed down with more than �150,000 of debt.

"I know they have bills here, there and everywhere but the bottom line is pay the tax bill and when the next situation comes along it comes along," he said. "Norwich have offered them the opportunity to hold a bucket collection. That could go a long way to paying the wages for next month. Supporters are trying to raise funds as well so maybe that could go towards helping with the other debts.

"I don't understand why the board could not have said six weeks ago we are struggling to get the tax money and ask for help from fans and local businesses. Why leave it until seven days left because then it's just pushing water up a hill? For the 900 fans who attend regularly and the 50,000 in the surrounding area it would be a crying shame."

Gay should have been in goal today for Guiseley's Unibond Premier visit. Instead the former Norwich City youngster and the rest of Carl Heggs' squad must sit tight.

"We've got an exciting manager, a great coach and with one or two additions a squad that can win this league," he said. "Then something like this hits and you ask yourself do you want to be part of a football club like this. That is what the players are saying. We aren't going to get paid this week and no one else would go to work and not get paid. If you built a wall you'd expect to get paid but the players are loyal to the manager and the football club. I've spoken to one or two of the lads and we feel let down but 80pc of those players could have walked away on Thursday. We are staying loyal until this is resolved."

Gay has already fielded calls from prospective suitors, saying: "I turned down the chance to go to a Conference club two weeks ago because I'm enjoying it at King's Lynn. I'm excited about what is happening here but I woke up on Thursday morning and it felt like I'm almost unemployed.

"It still could do next week. I've had a few phone calls already but I will stay loyal and pray that somewhere along the line people sit down at a round table - not a square table - and are ready to co-operate to keep the club from the wolves."