Kathy Blake, NCISA I wonder what Glenn Roeder would have said if Bryan Gunn had gone up to him a couple of weeks ago and said 'In a fortnight's time I'll have your job'. Probably not repeatable.

Kathy Blake, NCISA

I wonder what Glenn Roeder would have said if Bryan Gunn had gone up to him a couple of weeks ago and said 'In a fortnight's time I'll have your job'.

Probably not repeatable.

I have to admit when I first heard the news Wednesday morning I was underwhelmed.

My gut feeling is that Gunny should have been left doing what he does best ie being an ambassador for the football club, and charming people in the hospitality lounges.

His managerial experience amounts to one match. Ian Crook has been out of the English game for 15 years and John Deehan hasn't exactly set the world alight in his managerial career so far.

OK, they fulfil the boards stated requirements for the new management team to have Norwich City in their blood, but will nostalgia save you from relegation, and can they cut it in the cut-throat world of the Championship?

I'm sure I speak for all City fans when I say I really really hope that they do and it works out for them.

They are all really nice blokes, an absolute world away from the last incumbent.

Certainly some plusses do immediately spring to mind. Gunny's close association with Sir Alex Ferguson is one.

Where better to learn your trade than from the master, and this could be a possible channel for loan players too.

A cultured midfield player like Crook will surely have time for skilful players like Simon Lappin and Wes Hoolahan.

And I can't see players being frozen out because of personality clashes.

But I do have some reservations. The appointment is a massive gamble at such a crucial time for this football club.

It is also a gamble for the board themselves.

They have presided over an era when the fortunes of the club have dipped alarmingly, and have to accept a certain degree of responsibility for that.

When we lost the FA Cup semi final to Sunderland in 1992 I was very disappointed but thought' no matter' we will be back again soon'.

We weren't.

I remember back in 1993 when we finished third in the Premier I assumed that was going to be par for the course from then on, and we could possibly even better it.

We didn't.

Then when we were in the UEFA cup and I spent an arm and a leg going to Arhem and Milan I remember thinking we were likely to be in it every year and wondering how I was going to afford it.

And even on the fateful day at Fulham when we got relegated in 2005 I thought with the squad we had, we would be straight back up.

Now success this season will be measured by just staying in this division. The board have succeeded in gradually lowering our expectations and the football has followed suit.

I firmly believe this is last chance saloon for them.

To their credit they acted with uncharacteristic speed in removing Glenn Roeder, and have so far emerged relatively unscathed from this latest episode.

But the amount of money that has been wasted doesn't bear thinking about at a time when we need to watch every penny.

How much did it cost for goodness sake, to appoint, pay, and pay off managers?

And that's without three different rafts of backroom staff who had to be sourced, relocated, employed and subsequently paid off.

This mustn't be allowed to happen again.

Contrary to the recent ramblings of a national tabloid journalist, Norwich City fans are an easy going, tolerant bunch.

Their patience however is not inexhaustible.

For now the board have been given the metaphorical 'vote of confidence'.

But we all know what that means in football circles.

So once more the poison chalice of the NCISA shirt sponsorship is passed on.

The unlucky recipient this time is John Deehan. We welcome him back to Carrow Road and look forward to meeting and working with him.

We hope this time it is a long and happy association following our oh-so-brief encounters with Jim Duffy, Lee Clark and Adam Sadler.