David Wagner had to get angry to inspire Norwich City to another freescoring Championship away win in a 4-2 victory at Coventry City.

Wagner has plotted two league triumphs on the road, grabbed six points and seen his new charges plunder eight goals in an impressive start to his reign.

But after racing into a 3-0 lead the Sky Blues roared back with two goals in reply during a breathless first half at the CBS Arena.

That prompted Wagner to let rip at the interval.

“Yes (I was angry) I let them know that. To be fair, they were angry for sure as well,” he said. “They are not stupid. They are on the grass. They felt it. I think from my point of view, as a manager, it's not about showing that you are angry, it's about giving them the solutions, how they should do it better.

"And this is what we wanted to do. We've shown them some clips but, yes, I was angry. And, yes, when I'm angry I can let them know that, just like when I'm happy.

"But more important is not to show that you're angry, more important is give them solutions for how they can do it better.

“The first half I wasn't happy with even when we were 3-0 up. We didn't control the ball, we didn't control the game, we were not calm enough. We were not able to put enough passes together to create moments, we lost the ball too early and it was wild. A very wild first half without a clear structure.

"And this was just not good enough. I was happy with the effort, I was happy with the attitude, with the willingness to work of the players, but they made it too complicated for themselves. We addressed this in half-time.”


Sam McCallum replaced Dimi Giannoulis at the break, and went on to provide the assist for Kieran Dowell to seal the victory.

“It wasn't only on the left side, it was on the right side, it was in the middle, it was in the offence, it was defence, it was all over the park that we failed to reach our standard,” said Wagner. “In terms of ball possession, in terms of our positions on the grass, in terms of picking up the right path to offer angles and really ask for the ball.

"This was not on the on the level which I expect us to be. We scored three wonderful goals but this then accumulates into defensive problems which you should not have. And we didn't look solid in the first half, defensively.

"The reason for this is that we were not good enough in ball possession from my point of view.

“The reaction in the second half was good. And obviously then it was a deserved win. No shadow of a doubt we deserved to win but I would have liked a bit more structure in the first half.

“I'm obviously happy that we won this game, I am very pleased about the second half. I think in the second half we controlled the ball, controlled the game, created chances and defended very well over the majority of the second half. This was good. First half wasn’t, I have to be honest.”