A lot has been said about Adam Idah recently - I just think he needs to be taking a close look at what Teemu Pukki does.

He should be in Pukki’s ear every day, getting a bit of his know how, a bit of his knowledge, loads of his experience. I think he can just learn so much from Teemu Pukki.

The Pink Un: Adam IdahAdam Idah (Image: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd)

If he's not been watching Teemu Pukki in training and when he's not been performing, when Pukki has been playing, if he's not been studying him and his movement, the way he drops into certain areas, the runs that he makes, the way he pulls off defenders, his coolness in front of goal, then he needs to start.”

Idah started the home win over Cardiff City on Saturday, but missed an opportunity early in the second half to make it 3-0. I think he's got to do a lot more than what he did on Saturday.

If he just sits and watches Pukki, he can learn so much. He's such an intelligent player, the runs that he makes, he’s got that pace, he's got good awareness. Just study him.

It was lovely to take a walk down to Carrow Road for the match on Saturday – but it will be a very different proposition for Norwich City at Millwall this weekend.

I saw lots of old faces and the people in the press room were ever so friendly -and I didn't have to get a driver's licence out this time to prove who I was!

I didn’t spend too much time in the press box, I'd rather go and get a bit of fresh air and see the players coming out and having a look at the grass and the goalkeeper checking the goalmouth, that sort of thing.

I also bumped into Darren Huckerby, Adam Drury and Mike Milligan showing people around and it was nice because some of the people were, should we say, mature, and wanted a photo taken with me? I enjoyed that and always oblige.

After the game I got home to see the last 20 minutes of the England against Wales rugby match - I wish I hadn’t…

I thought City started slowly. Cardiff had a couple of half chances, but I the constant struggle this season has been putting the ball in the back of the net. They looked good with Callum O'Dowd down the left hand side and put some good balls in the box, but they just can't score goals and once City scored the opener they were on their way. I think Cardiff should have shut Gabriel Sara down earlier to force him to get his head down a bit quick and cause him to rush the shot, but he had a lot of time.

The second goal was really good, a nice move down the left-hand side, good movement. Sorensen pulled a lovely ball across, and Marquinhos, who'd been sort of hit and miss in his first start, which you would have expected, came up with a good finish.

Second half City could have had four. The feeling that I got was that the lads knew it was game over. Cardiff were never going to come back. City were in cruise control in the second half and had Cardiff scored I think Norwich could just have gone and got another.

Defensively I though Ben Gibson and Grant Hanley looked good and Kenny McLean's playing a slightly different role now and he's getting a lot the ball and I thought he used it well.

It’s a very different challenge at Millwall this weekend.

I don't think their manager, Gary Rowett, gets anywhere near the credit that he deserves.

I remember going to Millwall with Leicester in the mid-90s and they had the likes of Keith ‘Rhino’ Stevens and a certain Terry Hurlock in midfield. There were three red cards and the first one I sort of caused. I've got into a challenge with Terry Hurlock and I fall on the floor and he's just looking over me as I fall. And I sort of lashed out at him. I caught him but I think his kids probably would have hit him harder. And he's reacting and he's stamped on my chest right in front of the referee. That was that was a straight red - and I haven't even got a yellow card. Another player got sent off for a filthy tackle. We had a left back called Neil Lewis and there was an incident on the left hand side halfway through the first half and Neil was involved as was David Oldfield, who played for Leicester. They were both involved, it was a bit of a melee and the ref has shown Neil Lewis a red card. After a couple of minutes the linesman's come over to the referee and he's gone, ‘listen, you've sent the wrong player off’. So the ref sent off David Oldfield and someone went to the dressing room to get Neil Lewis back on.

The whole place, the area, is intimidating. And they're not kids in the stand, they’re grown men!

I do think, though, that once the game gets going it's just noise, nothing more. It’s far worse when the noise is coming from your fans. Getting stick from your own fans is much worse than getting it from away fans, that’s water off a duck’s back.