David Wagner insists Stuart Webber should not be the fall guy for Norwich City’s decline.

A number of home fans directed their frustration towards the sporting director during another woeful Carrow Road showing, in a 3-0 Championship defeat to Russell Martin’s Swansea City.

‘Webber out’ chants were audible during the game, but Wagner believes ‘not one person on the planet cares more about the football club’ than the individual who appointed him to salvage the promotion bid.

“During the game, I haven't heard it. After the game, I got informed about it,” he said. “For me two things are important. The first thing everybody should know, and maybe not everybody likes to hear it, is how much Stuart Webber cares about this football club.

"There is not one person on this planet who cares more about the football club than he does. Maybe this doesn't mean that all of the ideas and all of the decisions are right, but if you can find me the one person who makes every decision right in his life then please come and knock on my door.

"I would like to have a conversation with him. In successful times, and difficult times, it's important that you stick together and don't let somebody down, whoever it is.

“And the second thing is, it's always easy to finger point at individuals if something doesn't work. This is not how my mindset is, that we should say there is a group of supporters, a group of players, a group who are the board, a group that is the management, this is not how my mindset is. We are all together. We are Norwich City football club.”

Wagner hinted at a summer squad refresh on Friday, but knows there is also a need to acknowledge failings to move on into a vital close season.

“We want to be as successful as possible. We were not in the recent past and there are reasons for it,” he said. “So come on, name the reasons, speak about the reasons, and show that you can do it better. This is how my mindset works.

"And this is what I mean to stick together to move this forward in a positive direction. And this obviously includes the media. They are one of the groups as well.”