Operation: Carrow Road is a part of the Norwich City turnaround for sporting director Stuart Webber.

The Canaries limped to a 13th-placed finish, underpinned by a wretched home record that saw them fail to win or even score in their final five league games.

City lost 10 Carrow Road league matches, the most in the top 15, in a campaign where both Webber and former head coach Dean Smith were targeted by sections of the frustrated home support.

Here is a transcript of what Webber had to say on the topic in a wide-ranging interview, that also included reflections on 2022/23.

Carrow Road misery

It’s become more difficult to play at home but that is because of us. That's on us. We need to do better, we need to perform better, we need to win more games at home to make it a better place.

We know from all the conversations we have with supporter groups it is never going to be like Hillsborough the other night. Let's not kid ourselves on that. It never has been in my time of watching Norwich.

And when I talk to lots of fans they say the same.

I don’t think anyone has ever gone, 'Norwich is a difficult place to go to and a cauldron for away teams'. We're not going to just flick that switch. Bringing in a drum is not suddenly going to go, ‘Wow, what an amazing place for us to play and what a terrible place it is for the opposition to play’. So we have to find different ways of doing that, and that has to be on us as people who work in the club to make sure we perform at home.

We can't be relying on supporters making it harder or easier for us to go and play. It is never the fault of the supporters. That is on us. Likewise if we win away it is not down to having no fans, or 500 fans in the away end, like at Swansea. We won that day because of how the players performed on the pitch.

Win, lose or draw that has to be on us. Of course, would we all prefer, and I include the media in this doing your jobs, a more positive vibe at Carrow Road?

Of course. We are down to single figures of season tickets available, under 100 left for hospitality, so it definitely shows that the people here want this club to do well. Why would they come if it's deemed an expensive season ticket at Norwich? I'm sure if you didn't like it that much you could definitely find something else to do on a Saturday afternoon.

So that shows that everyone's behind it and wants it to do well. But we have to be the ones who set the tone for that. That's on us.

2022/23 postscript

We've ultimately failed on our objective to get promotion. Let's clear that up now. And there's no hiding from that. We're still in the race for promotion up until West Brom. Maybe we are a penalty away, which we should get, from going 2-0 up and that changes that game and the conversation can be so different.

I'm not going to magnify this as if we've had the worst season in the club's history, because I think we all know that's not the case. But did we ultimately fail on our target? Yes, we did. For lots of reasons. There is no point dwelling on those too much, because we've also got to look forward.

I don't really know what more to say. We've had a difficult season. I said this to the players and staff before they left last week, I congratulated them on this, that we've created huge expectations.

This club has won seven trophies in the top two divisions in its history. Two of them have come in the last five years. So I said, ‘Congratulations, we've created a level of expectation that having a season we've just had is deemed as a disaster’. Before a season like this was not deemed as a disaster.

What we need to do is learn how do we deal with that? How do we deal with that expectation, that we have to win pretty much every game or else it's seen as a crisis? That's a really good thing for us.

We spoke at the start of this journey about how do you make this club bigger? How do we make it look and feel like a Premier League club, whether that's infrastructure, which we've done, whether that is results on the pitch, which we've done, whether that's academy productivity, which we've done, so now the next bit for us is how do we learn to deal with that expectancy, because we've not dealt with that well enough this year.

We spent over 100 days in the top six. Coventry spent 19. But that is not good enough. Brilliant, great that's what we've created so let's embrace and make sure the type of player we recruit from here deals with that, the type of staff member that we have can deal with that. That's what's key for us.