Galatasaray head coach Okan Burak's "first goal" of the summer is to bring Norwich City winger Milot Rashica back to Istanbul.

Rashica spent last season on loan with the Turkish giants as they won the Super Lig title, and they've made no secret of their desire to re-sign him as they plot their route to continued success next term.

Speaking to Aspor, Burak said: "We want to add loan players such as Icardi and Rashica to the squad again. They are our first goals.

"We need to be there (in their early-summer European qualifiers) with a good squad. We need to train the transfers there quickly.

"One of the biggest problems is that the pre-qualifiers are played before a squad is formed. We don't want to experience this. We have to start with the most ready squad so that we can pass the qualifying rounds."

Finances are tight for the players Gala want to sign, according to Burak, but he's confident they'll find a way round the restraints they're under.

Much of their negotiation with Norwich has centred around the structure of payment for Rashica, with the Turkish champions keen to pay in several instalments.

City sporting director Stuart Webber is hoping to overhaul the Canaries' squad this summer, however, and will look for as much payment up front as possible.

"We are much more advantageous than last year," Burak continued. "Transfer work is a difficult job. You cannot bring every player you want here.

"The first choice of a player in the Premier League is a team from the Premier League. The decisions they make sometimes take time.

"Last season (former Arsenal midfielder Lucas) Torreira was the first player I wanted, but when we were talking about 15 million Euros, we added a more appropriate figure a month later.

"There are also such delayed transfers. We have work for the positions we want. We have worked on every position."

Webber has been open about Rashica's availability, admitting in recent interviews that his departure was likely this summer.