Norwich City fans gather at Carrow Road to celebrate promotion

Norwich City fans hold up a banner saying 'We're Going Up'

Norwich City fans celebrating promotion at Carrow Road. - Credit: Ben Hardy

Norwich City fans unable to get into the ground for the Canaries' promotion party against Bournemouth were making their voices heard anyway after congregating outside Carrow Road.

And a group of around 50 fans were met by Delia Smith, who stepped outside to wish them well.

Despite warnings from Norfolk Police not to breach coronavirus restrictions by forming large gatherings, fans gathered outside the Yellows' home to cheer on their team during Saturday night's clash.

Fans stand on an embankment facing Carrow Road.

Fans gathered at Carrow Road after Norwich City's game against Bournemouth celebrating their promotion to the Premier League. - Credit: Ben Hardy

After the game, at around 10pm, the group could be heard chanting and shouting as players were spotted waving from windows from within Carrow Road.

Cries of 'Yellows' and 'Farke's on a horse' - two of the faithfuls' favourite chants - could be heard around the ground as fans belted them out from behind the Barclay during the game.

Glen Palmer has been a fan for 35 years and was celebrating another promotion having got the train from Lowestoft to be there.

"I had to come here tonight," he said. "I've been a season ticket holder for 20 years.

Glen Palmer is pictured on the right outside Carrow Road during Norwich City's fixture with Bournemouth 

Glen Palmer is pictured on the right outside Carrow Road during Norwich City's fixture with Bournemouth - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

"It's not the best season as I've been all over Europe under Mike Walker and was there when we beat Bayern Munich, so I can't compare this."

Two Norwich City fans hold up a 'We're Going Up' banner outside Carrow Road.

Callum Smith, left, and Daniel Stevenson, right celebrate promotion outside Carrow Road. - Credit: Ben Hardy

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Callum Smith and Daniel Stevenson, both 18, held aloft a We're Going Up! banner as they joined in the celebrations.

Daniel said: "It does not feel the same but it's good to be back. I would have regretted it if I missed this."

Daniel Stevenson and Callum Smith at Carrow Road after Norwich City's promotion to the Premier League was confirmed 

Daniel Stevenson and Callum Smith at Carrow Road after Norwich City's promotion to the Premier League was confirmed - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Callum joked: "We only get promoted every other year - I had to be here."

Norfolk Police were in attendance at the ground.

Their efforts came as Norwich took an early lead through Emi Buendia, only to soon be down to ten men as Dimitris GIannoulis received a controversial red card.

They went on to lose the game 3-1.

Promotion to the Premier League for Daniel Farke's side had been sealed earlier in the day when rivals Brentford and Swansea failed to win their games against Millwall and Wycombe respectively.

That set the scene for a champagne evening at Carrow Road, with fans wasting no time in hailing their heroes and letting the celebrations begin.

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