Will there be a light show at Carrow Road before matches this season?

Norwich City's home stadium, Carrow Road Picture: Paul Harding/PA Wire

Norwich City's home stadium, Carrow Road. - Credit: Paul Harding/PA Wire

Norwich City fans could be treated to a dazzling light show before games at Carrow Road this season.

Flashing lights beaming out of the stadium this week grabbed the attention of Canaries fans. 

The football club has been working on new floodlights at the ground this summer ahead of the 2022/23 Championship season which begins this weekend.

And now eagle-eyed supporters have spotted what appeared to be a strobe effect light show taking place on Tuesday evening. 

Other clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton have already successfully tried out light shows to ramp up the excitement before kick-off at home matches.

Norwich City has not denied a similar show could be coming to Carrow Road. 

It is understood the club is keeping its options open by testing the lights to see what can be done with them.

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Videos circulating online on Tuesday showed the lights flashing on and off at a quick temp.

Among those who commented was Justin Williams who said: "I was at Carrow Park last night and could see the floodlights flashing but wasn't too sure why."