Norfolk back at home as they resume defence of FA County Youth Cup

Norfolk County FA continue their defence of the FA County Youth Cup on Saturday when they host the Isle of Man’s Under 18s.

The game kicks off at noon at the FDC in Bowthorpe, Norwich.

Norfolk boss Gavin Lemmon said: “We will be asking the players to play with confidence because there’s no doubting that we have a squad full of talented players. They also demonstrated in the last round that they possess a great deal of desire, which is certainly something you need to be successful in this competition.”

Norfolk beat Isle of Man 2-1 in last season’s quarter-finals and reached the third round of this season’s competition by defeating Cornwall.

Norfolk squad: Connor Bagley (Dereham Tn), James Bemrose (Long Stratton), Jordan Forbes (Norwich United), Josh Ford (Gt Yarmouth Tn), Harrison Gilding-Hewitt (Wroxham), Lewis Johnson (Norwich CBS, Dereham Tn), Max Lane (Norwich United), Reuben Lane (Norwich United), Connor Milligan (Wroxham), Owen Murphy (Dereham Town), Brady Philpott (Gorleston), George Quantrill (Dereham Town), Sam Tinkler (Dereham Tn), Emre Upston (King’s Lynn Tn), Daegan Watts (Wroxham), Cameron Wing (Gorleston, Norwich Ceyms).

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