Alex Neil maps out Norwich City’s transfer strategy

Marvin Zeegelaar is heavily touted with a Norwich City move. Picture: Daniel Martino

Marvin Zeegelaar is heavily touted with a Norwich City move. Picture: Daniel Martino

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Alex Neil will leave no stone unturned to attract fresh blood to Norwich City.

The City chief refused to confirm on Friday whether Sporting Lisbon full-back Marvin Zeegelaar is Martin Olsson’s replacement after reports the Dutch defender has flown to England to seal a £4.3m move.

But Neil did reveal he is scouring the lower leagues and the continent to equip his squad for the Championship finale.

“Guys like Jamie Vardy and Dele Alli have come from lower leagues. Most of the Brentford team, most of the Barnsley team have played at that level coming up,” he said. “There is a whole host of talent there and that is something we would never dismiss. That is generally in the past where clubs shopped. That is still the case in a lot of respects but we have shown we cover every avenue possible. Ivo Pinto, Timm Klose came in from abroad and the continent is a big market we look at and of course people like Robbie Brady and Steven Naismith came from the Premier League. We cover all the bases. It doesn’t mean we are specifically shopping in the lower leagues or Europe or the Premier League. It is what we deem is the best fit for us.”

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