Appointment was purely a football decision

PUBLISHED: 11:11 22 January 2009 | UPDATED: 16:01 10 September 2010

Michael Bailey

Norwich City chief executive Neil Doncaster believes the appointment of Bryan Gunn as Norwich City manager is not an emotional or financial decision - but a football one.

Norwich City chief executive Neil Doncaster believes the appointment of Bryan Gunn as Norwich City manager is not an emotional or financial decision - but a football one.

Raised eyebrows were evident as much as fans' optimism as the legendary goalkeeper was unveiled as the Canaries' new manager until the end of the season, with the help of John Deehan as chief scout and new first team coach Ian Crook.

But Doncaster is confident City's new management trio has the right stuff to lead Norwich to Championship safety over the remaining four months of the season.

“I think it is important to stress that this is not an emotional decision,” said Doncaster. “What the board of directors have to do is to calmly, objectively and ruthlessly look at all the facts, look at what qualities they feel we need, take on board the views of all interested parties and then make the appointment based on those attributes that are required.

“With the experience of John Deehan and knowledge of the Championship, with the gravitas, charisma and leadership qualities of Bryan Gunn, with the coaching skills, creativity and flair of Ian Crook, and the smiles on faces they will undoubtedly generate at Colney, we feel we have the best possible chance of taking the club out of the difficult situation we find ourselves in.

“I talked about the need for there to be a good chemistry, that X-factor. You can list all the attributes and you put together what you think is a perfect coaching team, but sometimes it doesn't work,” he added.

“These three people know each other very well and they undoubtedly have chemistry, and to see them talking on the phone, there is that camaraderie and respect, and that has got to give them an advantage.

“Of course, every pound that you spend on one thing is a pound less that you can spend on players. So it clearly has an impact.

“But be in no doubt, we made this decision based on what we believe are the attributes to take the club away from difficulty, rather than on financial terms.”

The City chief believes, while a Norwich connection played an important role in a recruitment process that involved five candidates being interviewed on Monday, Crook is the perfect example of someone who would have reached the mark with or without yellow and green blood.

“Chippy (Crook) wants to come back here,” said Doncaster. “He's desperate to come back to Carrow Road. He said he considers this appointment to be the pinnacle of his coaching career.”

With Gunn, Crook and Deehan as Norwich's new 'Three Amigos', Doncaster is hoping the feel-good factor will finally make a longer-term stop at Carrow Road.

“There was a very real need to recreate a connection with supporters, a connection that has undoubtedly been lacking in recent months, a perception of supporters that they feel remote from their team, a feeling they haven't been loved and respected in a way they feel they should,” said Doncaster.

“I don't feel that is going to be the case going forward and I do hope and believe the management team we've appointed will recreate that feeling of connection, those smiles that we saw so much in evidence on Saturday.”

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