Aston Villa v Norwich City preview: ‘King of the Selfies’ Christoph Zimmermann relishes John Terry match up

PUBLISHED: 15:10 18 August 2017 | UPDATED: 18:27 18 August 2017

Christoph Zimmermann stops for photos and to chat with the fans at the end Norwich City's 2-0 league win over QPR on Wednesday. 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Christoph Zimmermann stops for photos and to chat with the fans at the end Norwich City's 2-0 league win over QPR on Wednesday. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Christoph Zimmermann is not daunted by facing one of his idols in Aston Villa’s high profile summer signing John Terry.

Zimmermann followed City head coach Daniel Farke from Borussia Dortmund II in the close season but Terry’s switch from Chelsea dominated the headlines.

The Canaries’ centre back, however, aims to prove he can cut it on the same pitch at Villa Park this weekend.

“I mean Aston Villa is not just John Terry. We must keep that in mind but of course this summer that was the most famous transfer in our league,” he said. “His time at Chelsea he played a long time in the Premier League. Nearly every year in the Champions League. He is well-known in Germany. He is the definition of an English defender. Very famous for players of my age or a bit older a role model and someone whose career you would like to call your own.

“I look forward to every game. Playing in the Championship is more than a dream come true for me. Every game is like a gift to me. I didn’t expect it this season. When you play teams like Sunderland, Fulham and Aston Villa. A club with famous players and some players who I admired as young player, even a role model. You cannot wait for this game to start.”

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Zimmermann is already a firm fans’ favourite after posing for pictures and shaking hands with home supporters immediately after the final whistle in Wednesday’s 2-0 Championship win over QPR.

“I heard there was a good reaction and the crowd perhaps didn’t expect me to spend that much time with the fans,” he said. “The manager on Thursday said he was happy that I could find the time to leave the crowd and be here in the morning for training. The other lads didn’t really realise what I had done. The only comments are from the gaffer.

“I think there were 26,000 in the stadium. Compare that to my last season and 3,000 was a good crowd. I am enjoying it and we shouldn’t take it for granted that we have this massive support. It is a little way to say thank you. For a night game I am sure there were many children who were supposed to be in bed by that time. I am happy for such a big crowd.

“In Germany we do that as a team. As a player in the second team you do not really have supporters. At Dortmund it was different, we had great supporters, but we were thankful for that and after most of the games the whole team would go to the fans and shaking hands and saying thank you for the support. I was a bit surprised I was the only one. Maybe in Germany it is more common. It won’t happen every game.”

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