Aston Villa v Norwich City preview: Under-fire Steve Bruce can count on Daniel Farke’s support

Marco Stiepermann made his mark on a brief Norwich
 City debut against QPR. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Marco Stiepermann made his mark on a brief Norwich City debut against QPR. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Daniel Farke labels the mounting pressure on Steve Bruce ‘crazy’ but the Norwich City head coach admits it comes with the territory.

Bruce is still searching for a first Championship win of the season, ahead of City’s visit, after many tipped the Villans to be promotion certainties following the arrival of John Terry.

“As a coach you have to think about the contents and not be addicted to the result,” said Farke, who picked up his first three points against QPR in midweek. “Of course, it is all about the result. That is the same in Germany as it is in England. I think it is crazy to put so much pressure on Steve Bruce. We all work in this business and we know the rules. A few bad results and there is a lot of talk and everything is analysed. If we play well and beat Sunderland then with our possession it is like we are better than Barcelona. Instead it was about how smart and ice cool Sunderland were and clinical with their finishing and how bad our defending was.

“They are a massive club with a great history. It will be a hard game. They have had one more day to recover and I would prefer them to have had a little bit better start so they are not under this pressure. I know they will be motivated and aggressive and with a big will to get a first league win. It will be a game with a lot of intensity, but you are always searching for big challenges as a footballer.”

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Farke knows City can cash in on any rising unrest at Villa Park if they start brightly.

“It could work either way in terms of the crowd but they have an experienced coach and players like John Terry will not be nervous,” he said. “I guess the supporters know the situation and will be there to support the guys. It could be an advantage during the game if we are able to control the match with our passing. The supporters might get a little nervous then and the atmosphere can change. They played Hull, a really close game. 1-1, but could easily win it. Then two away games where maybe they lack some confidence and suddenly it’s a big pressure, which is crazy.”

Farke made five changes against QPR and is pledging to shuffle again with Marco Stiepermann pushing hard for a full debut.

“Yes, very close to a start. Physically he is in a very good condition,” said the City chief. “I was very content with his first nine minutes the other night. I have checked his running distances and he covered 1.4kms. To do that over 90 minutes would be a new record for the whole Championship. He is a good guy. For sure, he needs some time to get used to things. He was nervous the first few days but he is ready for the first XI.”

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