‘Going back over that was tough’ – Autobiography proved emotional at times for City legend

PUBLISHED: 15:15 31 May 2019 | UPDATED: 15:27 31 May 2019

Grant Holt launched hiw autobiography, A Real Football Life, at Carrow Road Picture: Tony Thrussell

Grant Holt launched hiw autobiography, A Real Football Life, at Carrow Road Picture: Tony Thrussell


Norwich City legend Grant Holt admits it was an emotional experience to look back on his remarkable life in football for his autobiography.

The book, entitled A Real Football Life, charts the former striker's rise from working as a tyre fitter while playing in non-league to scoring regularly in the Premier League for the Canaries - as serialised on this website earlier this week.

"The one thing when going through it is that I never really forget games, so when they're being brought up for this game or that game, that bit's good," Holt explained. "The rest is what I was struggling with, like dates, because they all just merge into one, especially like the (Nottingham) Forest chapters, when you're a young kid and you score two goals and they're 14 months apart, it gets a bit blurry in between!

"But it's been pretty good, the way we've structured it I think it flows quite well. When we're serious, we're serious, and when we're jokey, we're jokey - and then we need to be emotional, it's emotional."

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That included reflecting on the loss of his father to cancer while playing for Halifax in 2000, while writing the book with City's matchday programme editor, Dan Brigham.

"I think it was more that when I was sat across form Dan and it was the second session and I've got to my dad's chapter - and I'm crying across the table to him," the Canaries' three-time Player of the Season winner continued.

"I think he found that a little bit awkward, especially being a Norwich fan. That was probably the hardest bit you had to put in because like everyone knows, when you lose someone, you never really relive those moments.

"As you get older and longer in the tooth you kind of look back and remember the happy times, so going back over that was tough."

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The book features a foreword from TV presenter Jake Humphrey and Holt writing a letter to his 21-year-old self, and is available in City's official stores from tomorrow and then in book shops nationwide from Friday, June 7.

- You can watch a video of Holt discussing his autobiography above

- A Q&A event is also being held at Carrow Road with Holt on Saturday, June 15, with tickets including a three-course meal costing £49 or £60 to include a meet and greet. See Canaries.co.uk/tickets for details.

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