Barry: We got over early Norwich City frustrations

Gareth Barry and Grant Holt in action on Saturday. Picture: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images

Gareth Barry and Grant Holt in action on Saturday. Picture: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images

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Gareth Barry admitted Norwich City frustrated the home faithful early on – and warned those at the Etihad not to get overtaken by expectancy.

Roberto Mancini’s City were at their best as they took Norwich apart at regular intervals – something they have done to a number of sides already this season. In fact, the top-flight leaders have 48 goals in just 14 league games – only 12 behind their final total last season, and on course to top Chelsea’s 2009-10 record of 103 goals.

“It is an unbelievable record and at times people were getting frustrated because we were finding it hard to break Norwich down in the first half an hour,” said Barry.

“But if people are patient they will realise we are going to create chances and eventually get the goals.

“When people start expecting 5-1 wins at home it can become very dangerous.

“It’s important the players keep trying to create as many chances and score as many goals as possible, but most importantly keep playing as a team and keep winning football matches.

“That is what we have got to try to do until the end of the season.”

Barry, given the fans’ man of the match award, added: “I’m playing in a fantastic team. Obviously with these players your confidence keeps growing and growing.

“The manager has got great options. If we are going to achieve stuff the squad is going to be more important than the team.”

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