‘They can take points off anybody’ - Blades boss wary of Canaries’ threat

PUBLISHED: 10:31 06 March 2020 | UPDATED: 10:31 06 March 2020

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder during his team's extra-time win at Reading in the FA Cup fifth round Picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder during his team's extra-time win at Reading in the FA Cup fifth round Picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire

PA Wire

Sheffield United may be flying high in the Premier League but Blades boss Chris Wilder is wary of the ‘dangerous’ Canaries ahead of Saturday’s clash at Bramall Lane.

United were runners-up to the Canaries in the Championship last season but sit eighth and with 19 points more that Daniel Farke's bottom team with 10 games remaining, with survival almost certainly secured.

However, the Blades had to come from behind to win 2-1 at Carrow Road in December and are well aware that City haven't given up hope of pulling of a late survival surge.

"I believe that they've been consistent in their performances, all season," Wilder said. "We all talk about them but it is the fine lines, it is the penalty box areas that people talk about that - I should imagine from Daniel's point of view - will be the difference between them being in their position and being five or 10 points better off.

"They're a dangerous side, a talented side, we know a lot about them and two wins, they're bang amongst that group above them.

"Delighted at the position that we're in but from our point of view, you see when Nigel Pearson went in at Watford and straight away got results and climbed out of it. I've had experience of that, if you get a couple of results."

The Blades have only lost one of their last six top-flight games and sealed an FA Cup quarter-final spot with a 2-1 victory at Reading after extra-time on Tuesday.

"It was a fantastic result against Leicester (City's 1-0 win last Friday), one of the standout sides," Wilder added, speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield.

"They go to Tottenham and make a few changes and go through on penalties, so a dangerous game for us and a dangerous game in terms of the quality and the drive that they will have.

"Everybody wants to do well in the Premier League: players, managers, supporters, everybody wants to stay in the Premier League. They will be doing absolutely everything in their power to get results to retain Premier Leaguer status and, without stating the obvious, there's still 30 points to play for and they can take points off anybody."

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