Borussia Dortmund II’s Chris Domogalla to become Norwich City’s new fitness chief

PUBLISHED: 14:40 20 June 2017 | UPDATED: 14:42 20 June 2017

Daniel Farke has a clear vision for his Norwich City squad. Picture: Thorsten Tillmann

Daniel Farke has a clear vision for his Norwich City squad. Picture: Thorsten Tillmann

Thorsten Tillmann

Borussia Dortmund II’s Chris Domogalla will join Norwich City’s German contingent to head up their fitness department in time for pre-season.

New City head coach Daniel Farke has been keen to bring the BVB fitness coach across from Dortmund’s Under-23 set-up, to help him and assistant Eddie Riemer reshape Norwich into a side that can take on their methods, tactics and philosophy come next season’s Championship campaign.

The departure of City’s head of sports science Nick Davies, confirmed by the club on Monday evening, paved the way for Domogalla to take charge at Colney.

Dortmund II’s sporting head Ingo Preuss had been reticent to sanction the move, having already seen Farke make the switch from Westfalenstadion to Carrow Road at the end of May – with Riemer doing likewise plus BVB Under-16 coach and analyst Christian Fluthmann following suit.

However Preuss and City’s sporting director Stuart Webber appear to have come to an agreement, and Domogalla will now be in place to help City’s squad meet the fitness expectations of their new head coach.

Most of the Canaries’ senior players will return to Colney for pre-season fitness testing on Monday, before a training camp in Ireland and their first public pre-season outing at Cobh Ramblers on July 5.

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